Friendly neighbourhood and internal security, linked to CPEC


For Pakistan, two key imperatives or compulsions of the emerging regional dynamics, in the context of CPEC, are to work for establishing friendly relations with its neighbors and achieving security and stability in the country and wider region.

These points are discussed in detail in a paper by Safdar Sial, Research Fellow, and Peer Muhammad, researcher. The paper is published in Conflict and Peace Studies, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2015, published by Pak Institute for Peace Studies.

The report notes that the corridor will significantly contribute towards Pakistan’s social and economic development. Besides establishing huge road and rail infrastructure, the CPEC projects will also address Pakistan’s lingering power crisis. Externally, it will open up trade routes for China and Pakistan to Middle East and Central Asia, as well as improve prospects for regional economic interdependence as well as for peace and stability.

The report reviews recent CPEC-linked developments, mainly on political, security, socio-cultural and developmental fronts. Apart from discussing key challenges, the report also tries to assess government’s efforts to address those challenges and to ensure the implementation of the CPEC projects according to stipulated time frame.

Complete report can be accessed here (PDF)


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