Political stability and security, vital to CPEC


Political stability and security in Pakistan are vital to implement CPEC projects. Any prolonged political crisis and economic meltdown grip the country can disturb yearly and periodic budget allocations for CPEC projects. At the same time, prevailing environment of insecurity, militancy and violence in Pakistan can pose serious threat too. Yet, the level and nature of threat are not uniform across the country.

These are some of the findings of the security review of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, written by Safdar Sial, Senior Research Fellow, CPEC Watch.

This report assesses potential threats and risks that could affect the implementation of the CPEC project in terms of insecurity and violence that pervade Pakistan, internal political and economic constraints, and also global and regional geostrategic impediments.

Most importantly, the report discusses the security aspect in detail in which the probability of threats vis-à-vis extremist militancy, nationalist insurgency and criminal violence are analyzed with the main focus on the areas across Pakistan which will be traversed by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Read complete “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A security analysis” (PDF)


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