Pakistan attempts to address security concerns to achieve the projected growth – CPEC in June 2017


CPEC Monthly Monitor – June 2017

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While the economic dividends of CPEC are lauded regularly inside the country, in June, even international institutions projected a growing Pakistan under CPEC. To help achieve that, Pakistan has been attempting to address concerns on it, especially with regards to security, which raise its head in June when two Chinese nationals were abducted and killed.

These were some of the key developments occurring in June 2017. Every month, CPEC Watch releases a monthly monitor summarizing key developments occurring around China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Below are the salient ones for June 2017:

  • Several reports projected that CPEC will inject economic growth of Pakistan. The World Bank’s June 2017 Global Economic Report project private investment in Pakistan up to 5 percent in next financial year. Similarly, due to growing Foreign Direct Investment, due to CPEC, Pakistan has acquired the status from “frontier” to “emerging market.”
  • Domestic challenges to implementation of CPEC remain. This much is even acknowledged by the government itself. Challenges often stem from the slow working of the state machinery.
  • Two Chinese nationals were killed by the Islamic State in Balochistan. Subsequently, the security forces launched operation in Mastung, killing about a dozen of ISIS militants.
  • In response to the incident, KP government set up special security force of 4,200 personnel to protect Chinese in the province. A protection division of 2,600 police officers has also been established in Sindh to protect Chinese workers.
  • According to planning commission, the early harvest projects of CPEC employed around 30,000 Pakistani workers compared to the small number of Chinese.
  • Anti-CPEC nationalist sentiments persist in smaller provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan. They argued that the less-developed areas are ignored.

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