Explainer: What is Joint Cooperation Committee?


One of the institutions often in the news about CPEC is the JCC. It is being said that the next meeting of the JCC by the end of this year, will pave way for further projects. What really is the JCC?

This post provides a brief summary:

  • Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) is the top policy-making committee on CPEC. It approves the CPEC projects, with participation of high officials from both the states. Various projects are discussed, and agreements signed.
  • The committee is co-chaired by Minister of Planning, Development and Reform from Pakistani side, and Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) from Chinese side. That is why it is called “joint”. The Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reform is mandated to look after developmental goals in the country, while the NDRC is state commission in China tasked with researching and analyzing regional economies conditions, among others.
  • To this day, JCC six sessions have been held, both in China and Pakistan, one after another. The sessions have been attended by high government officials, entrepreneurs, engineers, and different ministries representatives along with experts on energy, transport and infrastructure from both sides.
  • All the JCC meetings in Pakistan have been attended by Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning, Development, and Reform. Even after he was appointed as interior minister in September 2017, after the new prime minister had taken oath, he was given the additional portfolio of old ministry, so as to “ensure continuity” in CPEC projects, in the words of the PM. When Nawaz Sharif was prime minister from 2013 till mid-2017, all the JCC sessions were usually accompanied with a preparatory and post meetings in Pakistan, meant to brief him.
  • It has been observed that in the initial meetings of JCC, top participants from Pakistan included the chief minister of Punjab or Balochistan in one case. However, as if to fulfill domestic calls for involving all provinces, the recent meetings were participated by representatives of all provinces.
  • The following figure shows the institutional framework of JCC:

Image source

Summary of the the meetings held so far is provided in the document below; the document can be scrolled inside:



(This brief is prepared by Raeesa Mansoor, PIPS)

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